Monday, January 20, 2014

All Black Hockey Sticks will be at a Summer Tourney in St Louis? Will you?

Michael Kemner is hosting a large hockey tournament of july 25-27th this year at the FSI Shark Tank.. drew herrick is a buddy of his and the ABHS Agent in St Louis. ABHS my have a table up with sticks and info to show new customers.. mike kemner is the contact as he manages the St Louis Bulldogs hockey club.. and his cell is 314-413-2834...... Get your summer plans to get on the ice!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

All Black Hockey Sticks Cheap alternative Quality Stick Option.

The new All Black Hockey Stick Inventory has arrived. The Quality Stick without the high price to replace ordering cheap composite hockey sticks. There is a new AB28 curve that reminds many of the players of the Crazy Ovi pattern. 80 and 90 flexes available. Take a look at You will not be disappointed. You will join Junior, ACHA, High School, Beer League and Youth players who have tried and keep using the ABHS. Many are seeing the quality we have promised. And keeping the cost to a minimum. Get your cheap composite hockey stick alternative... Get the quality All Black Hockey Stick.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Building a Brand Against Selling Cheap Hockey Sticks....

We have decided at All Black Hockey Sticks to find a quality, light weight hockey stick instead of buying cheap hockey sticks. We are looking to place quality playing sticks for the College Club, Beer Leaguers, High School players and avoid us from having to buy a cheap stick that does not help you evolve in your game. Better feel for the puck. The stick can add to your shot at any age with the proper flex. A stick that has a kick point. The All Black Hockey Stick provides these without taking a car payment from us.

We have players using this stick and telling the player next to them. The player referral is the highest compliment any piece of equipment can gain from the end user. We look forward to you hearing about our cheap hockey sticks from a player in your game. A player bragging how little they paid for the quality they received!!

831 687 8425

Monday, July 22, 2013

All Black Hockey Sticks or Cheap Hockey Sticks?

Cheap hockey sticks are all over the internet. Players trying to get the off year model is perfect. You can get a cheap stick but the issue then becomes consistancy. Hope in 3-6 months you can get a similar quality stick. Don't go cheap. Go All Black Hockey Sticks. $89+Shipping everytime. Break it in first 30 days you get a 45% discount. No it is not free but you don't pay free prices. If you are one of the few who break it in the first 30 you have an unpaid insurance to buy a new one at an extreme discount.

Don't go cheap hockey stick. Go All Black Hockey Stick! Players already in NH, Maine, Conneticutt, NY, MA, MI, IN, IL, St Louis, AZ, SD, CA, CO, GA, FL, in Club level College, Juniors, High School and beer leagues..... Can they all be wrong?


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

" I want to buy a CHEAP 100% carbon fiber hockey stick!" I want to buy a cheap stick." I want to buy cheap hockey sticks!" The good name sticks are so expensive where do I find a cheap hockey sticks?"

We have seen these requests on our submission page far too often to think it is only a few players tired of todays stick prices. The answer is not a cheap hockey stick but a great stick at a good price. There are many cheap hockey sticks you can buy for $39. You googled cheap hockey sticks already. The reason you are still looking is they were not the 100% carbon but maybe only 20% and plastic. Or the weight was 500+grams and felt like a 2X4 on the ice.

Take a look at You will doubt that they can be that price and be a good or even great stick. We have reps across the country that are carrying sticks for you to lean on or even try. We still have areas we are looking for that player/hockey enthusiast who is as frustrated as we became who might want to help bring this product to the players.

I wanted to buy a cheap stick too. Then I found out I was wrong. I wanted a quality stick at a great price. I searched everywhere. Was even ripped off once or twice but WE FOUND IT! The best news is All Black Hockey Sticks has answered that call for the players.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

This is the Official start of a new way of thinking when buying a quality hockey stick. I have been playing hockey for years with someone else's name on a stick and paying money to do so. A decent stick was costing me $100 and a top end was $200 or more. I advertised their name while I played and was out a ton if it broke. I could buy a cheap stick in the $60 range on sale but felt like I was carrying a tree. I will never be a pro but enjoy the game enough to tell the difference in the sticks. To make a long story short I started buying quality All Black Hockey Sticks direct from a manufacturer.

 I shared this experience and stick with our 3 days a week group. I shared these inexpensive quality sticks with a Minnesota Junior League player. A few College players in Michigan. A Beer League group and High School Coach in Wisconsin..... What I received was "When can I get more of these sticks?" John P. " My buddy wants one!" Dave L. Our goalie, Jim, even stated in the locker room one day, "I can tell more guys have that stick cause the shots are coming in harder." "You s*%#! I gave the AlL Black Hockey Stick to my brother and since you are out the only stick I could get to compare was $225. When are they coming back so I can get a back up." Kevin B. "I meant to text u and tell u I like it a lot and if u get more I wanna buy 4..." Cole K.

Now we will share them with you. These sticks are Approx 440grams. 90 or 100 Flex. Grip or no grip. Sakic and Tkachuk curves. Senior Sticks. These sticks have been quoted as $150-$225 quality. $89 plus shippng USPS.(Approx. $10 due to insurance)

I have an order arriving April 2013. Get your name on the list. The word is out there and they are going fast. or (831)687-8425. 831-68Stick. Look forward to your email or call with questions!!!